Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Slightly Changing Styles

  I was bogged down a bit providing artwork for different client projects. Really happy about that but it did not allow much time to update what's going on with Pandora. In the last few months I decided to play around with mixing two styles of digital comic illustrating. I am semi happy with the previous pages but I felt the characters and environments were not getting much detail work. The images turned out good and I was able to pump them out rapidly but not much in the detailing department. Also I'm a fan of the 90's comic era where the artist (I was a fan of) really did some new things with detailing and stylizing.

  So, I decided to create the 11th page of the first book of Pandora with a hybrid of the traditional pencil technique and digital painting over the pencils. The penciling also serves as a good tonal study for comic like shading (extreme contrast). So far so good. I feel I can work on this technique a bit more and build the some efficiency with my time.


Digital Coloring