Monday, 22 June 2015

Mental Ray Agony Maya Style

I'm nearly losing sleep over Pandora. As I render away I keep getting slapped with error messages and incomplete renders. It's like watching the referee interference in a basketball game. AAAArrgghhh! Gimme' a break already!!

 Hours of troubleshooting are turning into days...and days into weeks. One good note is I am learning some workarounds for rendering. Also learning what should have been done in the first place. Right now I am relying heavily on workarounds. The scenes I have are too big and complicated to start tinkering around with exporting to new scenes and messing with nodes and what not. Most of these tips are from "googling" different variations of mental ray issues. Hopefully, these tips can help out another artist with MR render issues:

- Troubleshoot MR by rendering from command line (for Windows). Don't know how to do it...there is a script out there to pretty much do it for you.

- Change as many texture files from PSD to TGA (if possible). My scenes are pretty populated with models ...doing this would take some serious time.

- Bake down all the stuff you can (nDynamics, animation, models etc)

- When all else fails render animation from the Maya single frame render window with a script. This definitely saved me in a few intstances.

- Make sure all other programs that can be turned off are off while rendering.

- You get errors...espacially MR fails...shut down Maya...then open and try again (I know a real pain in the ass!)

- If you referenced....prepare for heart ache. Anything can be off in reference files do your best to troubleshoot the original file. If all else fails import the reference into the scene and work from there.

- Delete your preference MEL (smart move would be to copy and place it somewhere else before deleting). Sometimes Maya likes doing wierd things and saving it here...soo it can wierd you out over and over again.

 There are more but these are the ones I have seen the most positive reaction from rendering. Hope it works out for you...happy rendering *gritting teeth