Saturday, 19 December 2015

Pandora Wonky Prologue Process

 Alrighty then!

 Finally I can look back on the full completion of the Prologue for Pandora web series. I am happy with the knowledge I gained from tackling this project, BUT I have to admit I am not so warm and cozy with the final look. However, it came to a point that I needed to get something out there! Get it all started. There are people who would say don't be afraid to stop and start over if necessary. I agree somewhat with that. However, I think of  cartoon series that started out "not fully realized" (Simpsons and Family Guy come to mind). In time the process was enhanced and the product became what it is now. So now was the time to get things started for me.

 Oh ya, if you haven't viewed the Pandora prologue yet you can follow these links:

 Prologue part 1

 Prologue part 2 and 3

 Thanks for checking them out!

 Like I mentioned, the learning process was good and is what made it all worthwhile. I'm already into the pre-production for the first chapter of Pandora. Lots of methods have changed up to make sure this gets out there quickly and the story and my vision is intact. Right now, I'm a one artist studio handling all the different task to bring this together. My process has to be customized for this to work. From what I learned, going into pre production, production and post separately will not work well. For now Pandora remains a part time project. So unless I want to bring out an episode every two years. I need to handle aspects of each of these phases together. I also need to tighten estimated time budgets for each task.

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    So stay tuned to see how that process looks. I'll post updates as much as I can. Another big change is the format for Chapter 1. The chapter will be in the form of a motion comic. There will be animation in certain spots but the motion comic will provide a good template for illustrating the information of the first chapter. Also, I don't have voice talents and  lipsynch animation is too much to take on right now. 

  Here is a look on how I handled the prologue:

- I created the script and continually refined it as preproduction went on. Major issue came when I had to either keep dialogue in the script or revise to show no dialogue. I chose to revise with no dialogue. I am REALLY impressed now with creators who don't use dialogue and need to convey the story with gestures, mood lighting, and camera angles (etc). Didn't come out like I wanted. Here is a look at some of my pre production steps

- I sketched and scribbled out rough concepts and storyboards. Also revised the script based on visual ideas. Many ideas where brought to a full concept and unfortunately not used. 
roughsketch of refugee spaceship

rough sketch of chanting shaman

rough storyboards
- I created a very crude (I'm talking croood) animatic. Then I created the hires 3D models of all characters, props, vehicles, and environments. This step is where I spent most of the preproduction time.

- I created low res models with all maps and rigs for production. I made a lot of mistakes here especially with hair and referencing the models. Learned A LOT with all the mistakes. It was painful needing to update maps and finding out they didn't render properly. I learned to get the maps RIGHT or pay dearly later. My rendering limitation kept me from using displacement maps or textures with too many layers.

Maps I created for one character

 This gives you a little insight to all that went into my one man pre production. Next was what I consider prodiction. I won't bore you with the production and post (If you are interested send me a message). So busy and so much to do but this time it will be smoother and more manageable for a one part time artist to handle.