Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Pandora Hires Sculpts

 My plans for bringing another episode out before the end of January may be interrupted. Well, they are interrupted. I'm just getting back from visiting family for the holidays AND I am preparing to move this week. So, just getting back up and running will be delayed. On another note my laptop is giving me a little trouble off and on. Things are lagging that shouldn't be and I'm getting a lot more frozen moments than I would like to admit. I'm delicately troubleshooting the issues, but as you may already know, it's very time consuming. Now I do also use a pc "frankensteined" wannabe workstation, but I reserve it for rendering really. It's really what it's good for. I'll need to tweak and update hardware and software to really have it perform as a workstation. So, to sum this up there will be delays. I will keep them as short as possible.

 As I continue through the pipeline for the project and deal with other issues I ran across a 3D sculpt I had created for the original Pandora idea. Back then I was allowing myself to put Pandora together as if I was a multi-million dollar studio with an army of clones to handle the workload. The design was for one of the main characters of what is now the Prologue. The character is quite different now, but I wanted to share this image of a hires sculpt and concept. Interesting enough, I am also working with a experimental process that may allow me to kick out some higher detailed animation (really excited about that).

Hires 3D sculpt and concept

  Thanks for reading and for your support I am offering the hires image in JPEG and PSD. You can support me here - https://www.patreon.com/outlawhue

 Of course if you are already my Patron thank you very much!! Download the hires file whenever you please.