Thursday, 14 January 2016

Pandora Chapter 1 Getting Started

 Very excited to get moving with Chapter 1 of Pandora. I have a new process for getting the episodes out there. I found lessons I learned creating the Prologue really will save time and support a better story.

  When I start out with the art elements (after I "ready" the script) I keep everything loose and allow my first impression to dictate what I create. At this point I am still brainstorming quite a bit. The storyboards and concepts are very rough. Nothing really to display for a viewer. The purpose is to get my visual ideas out as quickly as possible. There will be plenty of refining points for concepts and storyboards. One thing I try to hold tight too, is not being afraid to throw things out if I dont like it or if I DO like it but it doesn't flow with the story.

 I quickly drop the rough storyboards into an animatic. Currently I'm using After Effects for this. I am getting a rough idea or the timing for each shot and camera position. I use the 3D layer option for this and create a camera. Very rough and crude but gives me a general idea of what I need to work on to set up the camera shots. After a bit of tweaking here and there I'm ready to get into concept mode and refine the looks of the environments, vehicles, props and most importantly the characters.

 If you want to support Pandora please got to my gofundme page here for details. Every bit will help and if you want to give more I do have some awesome rewards!